Management Audit

Management consulting

Consultation et audit en managementDion Management has developed and perfected an approach and methodology for conducting its management, decision-making and organizational assignments. This approach ensures a proper balance between strategy and operations by its adaptability to the particular nature, characteristics and objectives of each client.


Organizational studies are essentially operating studies, that is, they are methodically and meticulously founded on observed operating realities. Dion Management’s rigorous analytical tools enable it to identify, define and articulate the particular operating realities specific to each client. This study provides the foundation for problem solving in the areas of operating processes, accountability and decision-making processes.

This innovative and participative approach enables the identification of various solutions and the sequencing of stages in the desired changes. Detailed implementation programs are defined with specific objectives at each stage. The implementation of the recommendations improves both the strategic and operating capability of the client and the effectiveness of its planning, organizational, staffing, management and monitoring systems and programs.

Scope of studies

Dion Management focuses its attention on five aspects of business organizations:

  1. The first aspects to focus on in such a study are the structure, roles and responsibilities. This examination permits the validation of the mission, the principal corporate objectives and the coordination of operational and administrative responsibilities.
  2. The study of decision-making processes focuses on the effectiveness and pertinence of these processes. It enables the organization to verify to what degree the decision-making processes encourage objective analysis and an adequate understanding of each situation, thus enabling the organization to select appropriate solutions.
  3. The study of management styles and approaches has the objective of understanding to what extent it encourages creativity, interaction, motivation and empowerment.
  4. The study of the professional qualifications of managers determines the degree to which qualifications match responsibilities. This exercise also produces a good understanding of the set of attitudes, values and management philosophies needed.
  5. The study of management personalities is particularly useful in identifying improvements desired in terms of communications, interpersonal relations and behaviour.

Power sharing is a critical element in each organization. During the course of its assignments, Dion Management pays special attention to the management of power in terms of balance and coherence in relation to the nature and strategy of the company.

Dion Management is a consulting firm specialized in Executive Recruitment, Management Audit, Organizational Efficiency and Governance.